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Monique Rivera

Title:  Ancient Flower

Size:  5″h x 4″w x 4″d

Light and Shadow:  My piece fits into the show because of the way light reflects strongly off its brilliant white surface, while the underglaze creates shadows in the design.

Price:  $40

Monique Rivera

Shelby Montoya

Title:  Midnight Toast – True Porcelain Sake Set

Size:  7″h x 7″w x 7″d

Light and Shadow:  True porcelain is opaque; shadows can be seen through the surface of clay.

Price:  $120

Statement:  Porcelain is my medium of choice; the clay body is like no other. True porcelain is soft and challenging to throw with, yet stronger than other clay bodies. I enjoy the process of throwing, shaping, and trimming the clay into a functional art form that is unique in the southwest. I take inspiration from pieces being created across the world in Japan. Once porcelain is fired it is opaque; shadows can be seen through the surface of clay. With a dark glaze I depart from traditional porcelain decoration and take away the transparency of the clay, creating work only visible in the light.

Shelby Montoya

Frank Willett #1

Title:  Bowl

Size: 4″h x 16″d

Light and Shadow:  Dark and light contrasting: “Darkness” on the rim, “lightness” interior.

Price:  $350

Statement:  In these days of richly enhanced communication we have the opportunity to experience the popular and easy ways of seeing things from varied sources, prehistoric to contemporary and worldwide. Now we have a tremendous vocabulary of forms and decorative treatments for design ideas. There seem to be no rules or prescriptions for creativity at present, so the artist and craftsman has an open formats for the invention of a new and unseen direction or a recombination of defined patterns. The pieces I make from clay are intended to have a pleasant presence in any setting and be functional.

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Frank Willett