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Jennifer Lowell

Title:  Round Trip

Size:  3″h x 14″d

Light and Shadow:

Dusk is a particularly exquisite time of the day. The clouds take on a distinct light, that surrounds us and colors the sky. Swallows come out from the shadows of porch eaves and muddy nests, their tiny bodies dart around so beautifully. I have always been mesmerized by this early evening nature poem.

Price:  $128

Statement:  I love clay, from porcelain whites to deep reds and browns. I love it all. Since I am not able to truly devote myself to being a ceramic artist with the time I would like to, I feel as though I am preparing myself for my next life!!!  My inspiration comes from the same forces that seem to inspire most artists, the sublime beauty of nature. The patterns, the colors, the textures and the light. Our earth is the divine mother of such exquisiteness that to be alive is to be in love with her. I learned to throw in Spain from a master potter and continue to be enamored of the wheel. I also enjoy sculpting and hand-building with its very different clay experience. I enjoy wood and soda firings and the enriching experiences clay continues to provide.

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Jennifer Lowell