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Seri Kotowski #2

Title:  Antiquities V “Africa”

Size:  15″h x 17″d

Light and Shadow:  This series of work is pit fired. Each piece in this subtitled series has the shape of a landform distinctly burned/imprinted in the surface by the magic of the fire.

Price:  $1300


Born: In a vacuum.
Named: Sheri Inez Kotowski
Re-Named: Serit
Currently: Breathing

Intention: Live life to the fullest and ultimately leave only beauty in my wake.

Past lives: Cat, 9Xs. Student, teacher, caretaker, gardener, dabbler, dancer, lover, nurse, mother, maker, sailor, voyeur, child, adult, rebel, fool, creator, destroyer, loner, hermit, daredevil, heartbreaker, earth shaker, firebrand, warrior, idiot, chicken shit… to name a few in no particular order.

The Thread: Artist and Participant.

More about my work:

Seri Kotowski, 2017 Best of Show