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Marilu Tejero #1

Title:  Chopsticks

Size:  .5″h x 19″w x 15″d depending on arrangement

Light and Shadow:  In 2003, I was given my first painted chopstick. Since then, every time I ate Asian food I took home my chopsticks and painted them. Two at a time, just doodled on them.  By now I have an extensive collection to just play with them.  Last April, I was invited to Yixing to a Ceramics Symposium. After lunch at the enormous studio where close to all artists and staff members ate, I collected the chopsticks from the disposal bags, washed them and in my spare time, painted them with ink and my new brushes.  On the last day I gave one to everybody, asking  to return next year one painted for me.

Back at home, with China fresh in my mind, I made porcelain chopsticks and painted them one by one, hoping to share the secret joy they bring me.


Price:  $150

Statement:   I aspired to create a body of work that had a strong South American feeling with archeological qualities.  To achieve this, I invented a culture called “PIMACHI”. which has an “archeological site”.  It is here where I “find” my sculptures.   I am inspired in childhood memories, the environment where I was born, a strong awareness of the tremendous wealth of the American cultures.  Visions of ancient temples, weathered walls with lichen and fungii growth, distorting the once beautiful designs on bright and earthy colours.

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Marilu Tejero