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PattyMara Gourley

Title:  White Buffalo Calf Cremation Urn

Size:  9″h x 7″d

Light and Shadow:

Cremation urns are needed when our grief takes us to the shadowland of loss and a loneliness. A beautiful urn gives us a vessel to hold the ashes of our loved one. It brings comfort to a dark time. A white mica urn shines with a thousand mica stars, bringing light to the dark pathways of grief.

Light: White mica clay burnished to shine. White Buffalo Calf, miracle baby of prophesy, born in the dark days to bring hope.
Shadow: Black fire clouds, smoke markings from the final wood firing; a black feathered wing wrapping around the white vessel.

Price:  $275

Statement:  I have been a potter for almost fifty years. I throw micaceous clay on my potter’s wheel in Pilar, New Mexico. I make custom cremation urns for my customers, who come to my shop online after a death has entered their lives. Occasionally someone orders an urn for the future, but mostly my customers are deeply immersed in Grief. I interact with them with tenderness, and help them navigate the decisions for size and design with care. This feels like a vocation to me. I also make mica cookpots, blessing bowls and shrines, but urns are my favorite. I also love to fish the rivers of New Mexico.

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