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Barbara Campbell #1

Title:  Carved Vessel

Size:  12″h x 12″w x 12″d

Light and Shadow:  The carvings and pressings that I do create texture. To highlight I rub iron into the carving to pop the relief work creating light and shadow.

Price:  TBD

Statement:  Having spent a lifetime working as a professional potter doing mostly functional work, I am now enjoying a time of play and experimentation. I enjoy interpreting the varying landscapes of the Southwest and translating them into clay objects. I am also working with shapes and alternative firing techniques. In the summer months I teach classes at the Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, NM and I enjoy introducing my students to new ways to play with earth, water and fire.

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Barbara Campbell

Chris Casey

Title:  Thirst

Size:  10″h x 7″w x 7″d

Light and Shadow:  Thirst is a celebration of the desert sun.

Price:   $345

Statement:  I’ve always been fascinated by the transformation of a lump of clay into a ceramic object. The essence of a piece can stay the same while almost every other characteristic, its color, size, weight, texture, etc. all change throughout the process. That unpredictable and ever-changing quality keeps the medium fresh and exciting for me. I also tap into that somewhat chaotic side of things by making use of color and improvised abstract designs. These elements have no concrete meaning in and of themselves but can nudge the mind in different directions. I enjoy hearing the explanations viewers come up with while attempting to make sense of my work as I often wonder about the objects myself.

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Chris Casey