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Eileen Gorman

Title:  Stones Rising

Size:  11″h x 24″w x 14″d

Light and Shadow:  Stones rise from the ocean around the globe. As the sun rises and sets, the light moves over the stones and changes the view of the shadow on the water, continuously changing the view. The color of the stones will change, providing the viewer with a new scene throughout the journey of the natural light over time. This creates a new scene at each moment of view and a new wonder to bring peace or stimulate the imagination.

Price:  $900

Statement:  The earth is made of sand, stone and water that make up the landscapes. These inspire my work evoking vistas and visions. In addition, these landscape components also make up clay which can be turned into natural forms again through the artistic process. The special geological features of the world, particularly mountains and large vistas, are a strong source of inspiration. With climate changes happening rapidly, creating new forms for display, reminding us of nature, seem more and more important with every passing day.  Each new form is inspired by some natural structure or idea, building either on a memory of a form or other ideas and impressions. In addition to being inspired by monumental vistas, I envision my work installed as small monuments themselves.  As a result, my preference is for high fired processes. These processes can be unpredictable, creating surprises, just as nature does.  But we must adapt to both, in order to move forward.

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Eileen Gorman