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Barbara Campbell #2

Title:  Flared Vessel

Size:  12″h x 12″d

Light and Shadow:  The carvings and pressings that I do create texture. To highlight I rub iron into the carving to pop the relief work creating light and shadow.

Price:  $385

Statement:  Having spent a lifetime working as a professional potter doing mostly functional work, I am now enjoying a time of play and experimentation. I enjoy interpreting the varying landscapes of the Southwest and translating them into clay objects. I am also working with shapes and alternative firing techniques. In the summer months I teach classes at the Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, NM and I enjoy introducing my students to new ways to play with earth, water and fire.

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Barbara Campbell

Phil Green #1

Title:  Grand Central

Size:  23″h x 13″w x 2″d

Light and Shadow:  The iridescent colors in Grand Central can only be seen by bringing it out of the shadows into bright light.

Price:  $395

Statement:  Phil Green began his pottery interest as a hobby about 1998. His intrigue with Raku firing began early. As he worked with pots and hand-built pieces, he began seeing the possibilities when raku glazes were mixed with conventional color glazes. When he made his first clock, he got hooked. These unique ceramic clocks are hand-carved in slabs of clay and then Raku fired. The flashing, followed by a smothering and smoldering process, produces iridescent patinas.

He has been making clocks and showing them in galleries and art shows since 2004. In the Albuquerque area his work is in Amapola Gallery on the Old Town Plaza. He also shows in Conley Pottery in Madrid south of Santa Fe. He has been in several art shows including New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair, Weem’s International Artfest, and the Vail Art Fair.

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Phil Green