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Ginny Zipperer

Title:  4 Windows

Size:  18″h x 14″w x 5″d

Light and Shadow:  This is a bas relief wall sculpture. Bas Relief, by its nature, relies on the play of light & shadow to define the image laid out in the material being used. The theme of this piece is architectural, consisting of 2 building faces connected by an archway. There is a walkway between the buildings that leads into the space beyond the buildings. The faces of the buildings are painted gold, reflecting light. the windows & door, leading to the interior of the buildings & the space beyond, are in shadow. The shadows have the effect of inviting the viewer to venture beyond the light into the shadows to explore what might be discovered there.

Price:  $450

Statement:  I have worked in clay most of my adult life. For most of my career I produced wheel thrown functional and decorative work. I started doing sculptural work after participating in several large community based mural projects. I liked the narrative aspect they offered. In 2010 I had an image I wanted to do in mural form and after I produced that piece I just kept going. While I still do some functional work, my focus is on the bas relief wall sculptures.

My imagery is often inspired by song lyrics, phrases from literature or spoken word, as well as the work of other artists. I keep a binder full of these ‘prompts’ and use them as jumping off points. Often of course, the piece goes in a completely different direction than what I intended. It is one of the exciting things about producing art, the mystery of how a piece evolves and has its own life, independent of my intentions.

Ginny Zipperer