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Sigrid McCabe

Title:  Siren Wendy

Size:  19″h x 10″w x 16″d

Light and Shadow:  The highlights and shadows accentuate the sensuousness of this Siren.

Price:  $900

Statement:  My work often uses the tradition of combining human and animal figures to explore the meaning of our experiences via the prism of nature. The figures emote qualities through the gaze, the gesture and dance.

More about my work:

Sigrid McCabe

Sheena Cameron #2

Title:  Raven Horse with White Shadow

Size:  10″h x 16″w x 4″d

Light and Shadow:  Jet black ravens are like living shadows with mystery and magic and potential. Although there are many white birds, the rare white raven is considered especially auspicious and more like part of the black raven than its own entity.

Price:  $400

Statement:  Sheena Cameron’s lifelong artistic passion has been with clay. Although exploring many other art forms, she now lives and works in her ceramic studio in the village of Rinconada (near Dixon). She fires many of her pieces in her outdoor raku kiln. She has become known for her one-of-a-kind horse sculptures that have gemstone manes and tails and open to reveal inner treasures relating to the theme of the individual piece. Firing them using the raku process or other unusual surface techniques insures that each will be unique. Each comes with a miniature “book” telling the theme of the horse piece, the kinds and meanings of the stones used and the personal message of the particular horse. She often does these horses in series. Most notable are the Goddess series, the raven series, the homage to famous artist series, the seahorse series, and the vision quest series.

All Cameron’s work is hand built. The latest series are mandala inspired raku raven bowls taking full advantage of the deep blacks that can be achieved with the smoking step of the raku process. She also does larger sculpture using human, animal and symbolic motifs.

Sheena Cameron

Lisa McEneaney

Title:  Cat Bowl

Size:  3″h x 11″w x 11″d

Light and Shadow:  Variations in the glaze and the painting give the cat depth, creating shadow.

Price:  $80 SOLD 

Statement:  Clay is relatively new in my life, but it has enabled me to combine some of the things that are most important to me. As a child I painted and drew, most often animals and children. Then, life got serious and my love of animals led me to veterinary medicine. With retirement, I discovered Santa Fe, and rediscovered my love of painting and drawing when I found clay. I find nothing more satisfying than the feel of the clay as I make or throw a piece, and the drawing and painting on the piece as I decorate and glaze.

Lisa McEneaney

Joe Bova

Title:  Conspirator

Size:  25″h x 11″w x 13″d

Light and Shadow:  Ravens collect together in Conspiracies. They are living shadows flying through light. Inspired by their constant presence around my studio, this solitary Conspirator emerged, inspired by Pueblo Kachina form.

Price:  $3,600

Statement:  For much of my career I have been making social and political commentary art, often also involving eroticism. In 2003 I began work that was responsive to the misguided policies of my government. As the Republican senator from Missouri, Charles Schurz said in 1861, “Our country, right or wrong. When right, to be kept right, when wrong to be put right.” I have been trying through my work to do my part. However in 2006-07, seeking a respite from the polemical, I returned to an earlier and abiding interest in animal forms and imagery with a new interest in integrating the vessel, namely the teapot, with the figure. The pot incognito, you might say.

More about my work:  www.joebovastudio

Joe Bova, 2017 Award of Merit