Sue Baum

Sue Baum


Title: Everyday Kimono of my Memories 

Description: stoneware clay, cone6, underglaze and glaze

Size: 14″ x 10″ x 2″ wall piece

Price: $1,110

Sue Baum, Everyday Kimono of my Memories

This one of a series of kimono’s that I have made after two amazing trips to Japan, but my fascination with textiles and design began as a 6 yr old, when I began making my own original paper doll clothing. My degree is in Fashion design from Pratt Institute and my design teacher was the first Japanese person I had ever known. I’ve incorporated many actual garment making details into my clay work.


  1. Congratulations, Sue on receiving the most votes in our People’s Choice voting, and thank you for bringing so many people to the website to see our exhibit!

    • 👍🏻….though as you know, Judy, my original piece was of a whole ‘nother’ caliber, I definitely have enjoyed sharing my work with so many.

      Thanks for your work! I do hope the Gallery’s insurance will ‘come through’ fairly – we’ll see🥴

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