Sara D’Alessandro #1

Title:  Ambition (column)

Size:  81″h x 15″w x 15″d

Light and Shadow:  This figure, Ambition, is from a column series. Outdoor installation allows the sun’s transit to animate the figure as the light and shadow shift giving this hermaphroditic figure a sense of being inhabited. Form, mass and deep, rich textures are more superbly available in clay than in any other medium I know.

Price:  $6800

Statement:  My sculpture derives from forms inherent in clay and from the forms resulting from pushing against and honing the limitations of this medium. Large monomorphic form existing in the same space, on the same ground and in the same scale as the viewer creates a tableau vivants experience with the viewer.

An earthly manifestation of flux, clay is made up of particles ground by the maw of time. It is flowing form with the unique ability to render a sense of motion and organic form. This plasticity is the quality which holds me in thrall. The process of “becoming” holds more juice for me than pursuing idealized form. And so my dance of more than fifty years, a dance with a very willful partner, goes on.

More about my work:

Sara D'Alessandro, 2017 Award of Merit

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