Mario Quilles #2

Title:  Light Catcher

Size:  25″h x 10″d

Light and Shadow:   The light and shadows of the oceans produce reflections on our planet.

My work has always been and continues to be about three dimensional shapes that reflect light, as it falls on them now and as it fell on objects in early times. Light disturbed by shape creates shadow, without that light the shapes and their shadows wouldn’t be visible. Each projection on each piece affects the light, and consequently the shadow, differently.

Price:  $385

Statement:  Mario is a Santa Fe based ceramic artist who has been exploring the outer edges of his medium. Originally a New Yorker, he is a graduate of Cooper Union Art School in NYC. His explorations of the nearby areas provide him with the wood from which he crafts his own tools.

More about my work:

Mario Quilles

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