Marilu Tejero #2

Title:  Wood Fired Box

Size: 10″h x 7″w x 4″d

Light and Shadow:   Wood firing never ceased to amaze me.  The expectation raised by the dream of the finished pieces. The preparation of the fire wood, the selection, chopping, careful storage. Crews commitment and division of labour.
The joy of feeding the live fire and giving generously very long and exhausting hours, to see the birth of ash covered, kissed by the flames new treasures.  My soul will always long for the wood fired ceramics.

Price:  $180

Statement:  I aspired to create a body of work that had a strong South American feeling with archeological qualities.  To achieve this, I invented a culture called “PIMACHI”. which has an “archeological site”.  It is here where I “find” my sculptures.   I am inspired in childhood memories, the environment where I was born, a strong awareness of the tremendous wealth of the American cultures.  Visions of ancient temples, weathered walls with lichen and fungii growth, distorting the once beautiful designs on bright and earthy colours.

Marilu Tejero

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