Luisa Baldinger #1

Title:  Vessel, Studio #66, Stacked Rocks

Size:  15″h x 9″w x 5″d

Light and Shadow:  

Price:  $400

Statement:  A maker of containers all of my life in clay, I am intrigued by volume, negative/positive space, and complex surface, and work to have these elements orchestrate into a satisfying three-dimensional “vessel” idea. At this point, my vessels are simply sculptural forms, vehicles for the exploration of color, surface, movement in three directions. Inspiration comes from rocks found in the back arroyos, fragments of coral on a beach, plant parts, geologic elements. I imagine that these vessels might have been unearthed in an archeological dig somewhere, relics from an ancient culture, giving rise to questions about that culture: who were the folks who made these pots? What were they thinking? What ancient contents did these vessels hold?

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Luisa Baldinger

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