Liz Hunt

Liz Hunt

Title: Untitled

Description: Porcelain, metal, rubber  

Size: variable, as shown 22″h x 12″dia

Price: NFS

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Liz Hunt, Untitled


I would like to say something profound about the times we are living through right now but I feel have always had a short attention span, a wondering mind and a compulsion to move from one way of working to the next. Fitting my personal work in between job related obligations has always been a challenge so working around this virus has not affected my work much.

One of my ongoing series is working with lots of smaller components to make a larger piece. Working this way allows me to come back to come back to the piece over a longer period of time.  But mostly I feel there is a power in multiples and a rhythm in repetition. There is an energy that happens as your eye bounces between similar objects.

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