Kim Louise Glidden #2

Title:  Mi Amor en el Camino de Taos

Size:  27″h x 14″w x 10″d

Light and Shadow:  Shadowed memories come to light on her face.

Price:  $3,500

Statement:  In 1998, I returned to my love of working with clay discovered during three years of high school ceramics, retraining myself on the pottery wheel and sculpting. After the end of a 21-year marriage and undergoing treatment for breast cancer, to follow the clay became my mantra and life path. Mythic themes, archeological artifacts, nature, and the human form capture my interest. There is for me a fascinating relationship working in clay and sculpting bones. Ceramic sherds and bones reveal our cultural and evolutionary history.

Basically self-taught, I apprenticed with American and New Zealand trained potters and worked as a clay arts instructor tor 12 years. From 2005 through 2016, I worked from my Aspen Vignettes studio at my gallery. The Pottery Studio Gallery in Littleton, Colorado, where I represented over 50 Colorado artists. Since my move in 2017 to Chimayo, New Mexico, I work from a sunny home studio surrounded by lush foliage-“an acequia runs through it.”

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Kim Glidden

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