Karin N Bergh #2

Title:  Two Hens and Three Eggs

Size: 1.25″h x 10″d

Light and Shadow:  I am focusing on how light and shadow play on the surface of this decorative (and functional) serving plate. Using techniques like incising, raised slip trailing and brushwork give the illusion of the hens parading through a grassy yard.
Hand thrown stoneware, reduction fired at ^ 10.

Price:  $85

Statement:  Karin has been making ceramics for over thirty years. Self-taught in the beginning, she then became an apprentice to Wilhelm and Elly Kuch in Germany, completing a three year program and receiving a certificate from the German Ceramics Guild. She spent many years traveling and working in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden and is fluent in several languages.

In her Santa Fe studio, Karin works in a variety of clay and glazing techniques, including hand painted majolica.

More about my work:  www.knbpottery.com

Karin N. Bergh

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