Karin N Bergh #1

Many Fishes in the Sea

Size:  1.25″ x 10″ d

Light and Shadow:  I am focusing on how light and shadow play on the surface of this decorative (and functional) serving plate. Using techniques like incising, raised slip trailing and brushwork together give the illusion of many fish swimming out of the shadowy sea and into the sun. Hand thrown stoneware, reduction fired to ^10.

Price:  $85

Statement:  I find that there is nothing more satisfying than to make a cup or bowl that fits well in the hand – as well as in the dishwasher, the oven or on the dinner table.

My inspiration comes from the places I have lived: Germany, Sweden and Santa Fe. My grandmother and mother, both from Santa Fe, had exquisite taste in decorating and entertaining; they brought me up in a home filled with color, intriguing textiles and tableware. I like to think that these two women’s eclectic and artistic talents rubbed off on me.

More about my work:  www.knbpottery.com

Karin N Bergh

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