Judy Nelson-Moore #2

Title:  Light and Shadow

Size: 14″h x 18″w x 14″d 

Light and Shadow:  This is an edge piece…feeling the edges of both light and shadow…where the edges of myself meet the world.

Price:  $700

Statement:  I am working with the concept and visual aspects of edges:  Edges of mountains where they meet the sky.  Edges of my body as it moves against the air.  Edges of my abilities.  Edges of what I want versus what other people impose on us.  Edges of our memories and hopes.  Edges where light and shadow meet, but the edge itself is nothing, neither light nor shadow. 

More about my work:  www.judynelsonmoore.com

Judy Nelson-Moore


  1. The ridged edges encourage ones eyes to flow back and forth across the piece and develop a pleasant sensation and a soothing effect which terminates when it finally reaches the jagged peaks.

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