Judy Nelson-Moore #1

Title: Too Much Carbohydrate Will Kill You  

Size:  18″h x 14.5″w x 16″d

Light and Shadow:  In concept, the light is sugar or empty carbohydrates, deserts, fun, party, comfort food. The dark is what happens to a diabetic who has too much light: breakdown of tissues, illness, death. The texture of this piece comes from literally too much carbohydrate (rice and pasta) in the clay, causing it to collapse. 

Price:  $800

Statement:   I am dealing with the concept and visual elements of edges:  Edges of mountains where they meet the sky.  Edges of my body as it moves against the air.  Edges of my abilities.  Edges of what I want versus what other people impose on us.  Edges of memories and hopes.  Edges where light and shadow meet, but the edge itself is nothing, neither light nor shadow.  

This piece contains clay that was fired with an excess of pasta and rice, intended as texture for a closed form, but the carbohydrates burned out and made the clay so weak it collapsed.  Since I am a diabetic, this seemed to be a message about pushing the edges of this disease!  I added skulls made in a sugar-skull mold, unfired clay additions, and a saggar fired “altar” base.  A bowl of clay shards simulates a serving bowl of carbohydrate. 

More about my work:  www.judynelsonmoore.com

Judy Nelson-Moore, Too Much Carbohydrates will Kill You

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