Judith Richey

Title:  White or Black Beans

Size:  10″h x 7″d

Light and Shadow:  I love to cook, and when I work in the studio, I create pieces That I hope people will enjoy in their homes. I did not make this casserole to fit into the theme of the show but rather to be a vessel that will be filled with something delicious. Perhaps a savory pot of beans, white or black, your choice.

Price:  NFS

Statement: I began my journey in clay in 1972 at the De Young Museum Art School in San Francisco. My work developed with a definite influence from an Eastern Esthetic, as my first teacher, David Fugiama, instilled in me a careful attention to form, balance, special finishing details, glaze application, and firing.
My goal has always been to create pieces that people will enjoy and use often in their homes. My work is wheel thrown and hand built and I work both in stoneware and porcelain clays, and I especially enjoy carving designs into the clay. I fire in a gas kiln in both oxidation and reduction environments.
Although I am not currently represented by any gallery, I offer my work through my website and directly at my studio.
My studio is located in a beautiful setting in the Mountains east of Albuquerque, where I enjoy watching the weather change over the San Pedro and Ortiz mountains, and the many songbirds and cottontails that live beneath the piñon trees in my backyard, and the coyotes who visit often. This special place has been an inspiration for the pieces that I create.
Clay is a wonderful medium, perfect in every way for many uses and forms of expression. It is also one of the most enduring art forms in any culture. When I think of the many functional pieces that I have created during all these years, and visit with people who have been using them, I am pleased to have made something useful and lasting that they truly enjoy.

More about my work:  http://www.djrichey.com/

Judith Richey

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