Jessica Penrod #2

Title:  Santa Fe Smoke Cups

Size:  3″h x 3″w x 3″d

Light and Shadow:  The surface of porcelain is normally white and pure. In the soda firing the clay traps carbon and creates a smoky greyish or even black look. With no glaze on the surface to determine color and having been placed in different places around the kiln, there is variation in how much carbon is seen on the surface.

Adding shadow and texture to something that is normally viewed as light and delicate can make it more inviting with less fear of damaging the piece.

Price:  NFS

Statement:  Originally a two-dimensional artist practicing painting and drawing, I found clay while I was attending college and soon changed my emphasis. I was taught how to throw with stoneware and after two years, I learned how to throw True Porcelain with a technique developed in Arita Japan. I am inspired by objects that we use everyday and find beauty in handmade, functional art. The surfaces of my work are decorated with images inspired by nature in the area that I grew up: a small town in Arizona called Pinetop. I love being able to use the clay as a surface for my paintings on pieces that I have made as well as collaborations with other artists.

Jessica Penrod, 2017 Arita porcelain award for Beauty, Quality and Functionality

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