Jenna Ritter – 2

Jenna Ritter – 2

Title: Repose

Description: Hand built coil terra cotta, low fire with mixed media/found objects

Size: 5.5″h x 8″w x 8″d

Price: Not for sale

Jenna Ritter, Repose

About Jenna: Born & raised in NYC, Jenna Ritter has joyfully been living in Santa Fe for 5 years. “A Celebration of Clay 2020: Perspectives” is the first public showing of her work.

New to the arts, Jenna has been working in clay for 3 years. In addition to study at the Santa Fe Community College, Jenna is privileged to study with Clarence Cruz, National Treasure & esteemed potter of Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, located on the Tewa lands of Northern NM. While Clarence teaches traditional coil hand building techniques, he also conveys a special intimacy with clay, communicating the profound, sacred relationship of maker with material and the powerful depth available within every stage of the process of creating.

Statement: In 2003, while on a silent retreat in South India, I was directed to take a nature walk and observe the earth, water, fire, air, and space elements and reflect on where in myself I discover these to be. On that walk I became aware that the elements are not simply in front of and around me but also inside of me. Waking up to the deep connection that exists between the external world and my own self provided a deep healing and wizened knowing: we are all deeply interrelated, each a small part of the larger whole. I began to understand that to know Nature is to know the self.

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