Jenna Ritter – 1

Jenna Ritter – 1

Title: untitled

Description: Handbuilt coil construction, commercial clay, low fire

Size: 4.5″h x 9.5″w x 4.5″d

Price: Not for sale

Jenna Ritter, untitled

Statement: Through the creation of each piece I make – from the gathering and cleaning of the clay, to the building with, the firing of, and its eventual use – a relationship growing in trust and understanding occurs and deepens for me. The wonderous fragile and sure interconnectedness of all of life and the harmony and beauty that can be created (or destroyed) when the right balance is honored (or not) keeps me building.

As I work, I enjoy exploring the edges and boundaries and how they blend or contrast. How/where/for what purpose do ancient and modern meet? What do humans and Mother Nature offer each other/take from each other? What are the effects/affects of dark/light, smooth/texture? Where and when is there movement/stillness? What are the rhythms in a creation and how do they express in a completed piece?

My pieces “Untitled” and “Repose” aim to offer a contemporary sensibility rooted in traditional foundations offering the viewer a meditative, reflective pause. Working from my heart, these pieces offer a prayer of healing and hope, of connection and communion, in these intensified, unprecedented times.

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