Jacquita Beddo #2

Title:  Spirit

Size:  36″h x 12″w x 7″d

Light and Shadow:  This piece is my kachina, which is a Hopi word for “spirit.” If you grew up in New Mexico, like I did, you know that a kachina can represent anything in the cosmos – even a concept. My kachina is about growing up in New Mexico and being steeped in its culture. It’s full of symbols and even hints at the animals that were part of my world. The theme of this show is light and shadow. To me, the “light” is all the things that people think of as magical about New Mexico, and the “shadow” is how many new comers to New Mexico reject so much of the culture that made it this wonderful place they are so drawn to.

Price:  $1850

Statement:  I am involved with several different medias, but I love clay. The transformative power of the firing process is the kicker for me.  I’m still amazed that the dried mud that went into the kiln comes out the other side as something solid and substantial. Kilns, both old school and new technology, intrigue me. My family likes to tease that I have a kiln habit.

Figurative sculpture makes up the majority of my work, but organic shapes also really appeal to me. Another thing that gets me going is making things that people use, so I also do some functional ware. My hope in that endeavor is to make pieces that will be treasured. I especially like to make square plates, bowls, and platters.

Jacquita Beddo

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