Elizabeth Donsbach

Title:  The Garden at Night

Size:  25″h x 10″w x 10″d

Light and Shadow:  Colors and forms in nature mute but may also become richer as the shades of twilight and night close over them. In New Mexico, the land sometimes gives off a strange glow just after sunset, almost as if the day’s light had condensed into embers. It feels like a magic time because it shines darkness and light at once. The Garden at Night plays with what might emerge in those shadows.

Price:  $1500

Statement:  I came to work with clay after a lifetime love of dirt and wild landscapes, so clay feels like a natural friend. Clay has so many virtues: open minded in its interests; imaginative and sensual in its play. Its structure possesses integrity and a complex intelligence. It is pliant but not easy. I also love the clean and elegantly emotional lines of classical sculpture; but I seem unable to do that kind of work. What I see in life is complexity and paradox, contradictory and ambiguous relationships. The world of life is lush and weird, and the layered depths of it are infinite. I can’t depict that vision literally, so I lay it down in tangled imagery that points to the feelings it evokes. My process is to work with the clay, offering it a form, offering the images that come into my mind; but mostly listening and watching for the moment when the clay speaks back in its rich voice, and stories sprout in its soil.

Elizabeth Donsbach

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