Diane MacInnes – 1

Title:  Silenced

Size: 16″h X 6.2″w X 6″d

Price:  $1,080

Description: Hand-built white stoneware Cone 6 fired clay, surface treated with inks and acrylic sealer. The addition of fabric and a steel base were used to accentuate the sense of isolation.

Statement: The expression of humanity captivates me. When I work in clay, often a face emerges guiding my process. Feelings such as alienation, suffering, strength in adversity, joy, compassion, and peace may emerge. I experiment with form, texture, and various surface treatments to accentuate the emotions. My intention is to evoke human connection and empathy. 

On display at Santa Fe Clay Gallery, 545 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, NM  87501


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