Diane MacInnes – 2

Diane MacInnes – 2

Title: Love & Separation

Description: Handbuilt high fire clay bodies with layered stains and oxides, as well as an area of glaze.

Size: 22-1/4″h x 17-1/2″w x 10″d

Price: $432

Diane MacInnes

One day in the studio, two heads I had sculpted arranged themselves in such a way on my work table, that I felt they seemed to express love for one another. At that moment I thought of how often societal structures attempt to separate us from those we love, perhaps due to perceived notions of gender, race, or class. This inspired me to create the two severely geometric triangles to house each figure. I placed them close together to demonstrate both the tension of their imposed separation, and the enduring tenderness of their love.

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