Darla Graff Thompson #1

Title:  Spotlight

Size:  15″h x 7″w x 7″d

Light and Shadow:  The point of light illumination is so strong that there appears to be physical impact and response— I’ve had a lot of thoughts on this piece, some playful and just for the fun of making it, but for me it also represents the idea of epiphany, a sudden personal enlightenment and illumination of something about ourselves that was previously hidden and in the shadows.

Price:  $400

Statement:  I began sculpting in the early 1980’s and continued creating with clay as I pursued an education in chemistry, providing my life with much-needed stress relief and balance. My sculptures are condensed thoughts or emotions that span a wide range of topics. In them, I see the faces of old friends— hints of my scientific nature, a lot of humor, and solid evidence of life’s joy and the variety of its experiences.



Darla Graff Thompson

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