Darla Graff Thompson #2

Title:  40 Days & 40 Nights

Size:  13″h x 6″w x 7″d

Light and Shadow:  The title is from the Bible where it appears several times, always representing a period of trial or probation and emphasizing trouble or hardship, but always with a redemption or deliverance at the end; the interplay of light and shadow is external, but also occurs internally, with our own struggles and challenges that we must face and overcome.

Price:  $350

Statement:  I began sculpting in the early 1980’s and continued creating with clay as I pursued an education in chemistry, providing my life with much-needed stress relief and balance. My sculptures are condensed thoughts or emotions that span a wide range of topics. In them, I see the faces of old friends— hints of my scientific nature, a lot of humor, and solid evidence of life’s joy and the variety of its experiences.

More about my work:  www.fullerlodgeartcenter.com

Darla Graff Thompson

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