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  1. We’re starting to “put up” the 2017 Celebration of Clay Exhibition. Click on the “Light and Shadow” logo in the upper right to see an image gallery of the pieces. Click on one of the thumbnails to see the details about the piece and something about the artist who created it.

  2. The 2016 Celebration of Clay show is beautiful! Everyone says it is one of the best shows we have had in years. Don’t miss it in person, if you can. See “home” page here for location and dates.

  3. Even though the 2014 Celebration of Clay physical exhibition is no longer showing at Ghost Ranch, the show lives on through this website!

  4. The 2014 People’s Choice Voting is closed and votes have been counted. This year there were 184 votes, down from 299 last year. There were only 2 duplicate votes this year that had to be eliminated. The results are embarrassing to me since I am the one who is running the vote, but entirely due to my concerted effort in the last week of voting to recruit visitors to the site by sending an email message to lots of friends and posting a request for votes on my facebook page. Since the purpose of the People’s Choice vote is to have fun and drive viewers to our website, no aesthetic criticism can be inferred for pieces that lack the most votes.
    Here are the results for all pieces in the show:

    Judy Nelson-Moore – Immersed in the River of Soul 26
    Judy Nelson-Moore – Little Tsunami Basket 23
    Marcia Clasgens – Looking for Rain 20
    Linda Kastner – Rain or Shine 19
    Marcia Clasgens – On the Fifth Day 19
    Tamara Cameron – 3 Acts 19
    Teresa Larrabee – Cactus Bottles 17
    Brianna Rickson – Flared Bowl 15
    Niya Lee – Transformation 14
    Sheena Cameron – Horse of the Water Element 12
    Lee Akins – Ewer 11
    Leonard Baca – Elements 11
    Marilu Tejero – Blue Water Pimachi Bowl 11
    Kathe MacLaren – Elephants at the Watering Hole 9
    Michelle Arterburn – In the Flow 8
    Judy Pearson – Agave Pod Lamp 7
    Leonard Baca – Under Flow 7
    Patricia Cohen – Riverbed 7
    Sheena Cameron – Protection Under the Thirteen Moons 7
    Casey Pendergast – Radio Active 6
    Karin N. Bergh – River Flask 6
    Luisa Baldinger – Bottle Group 5 6
    Mario Quilles – Very Early Ocean Shell #1 6
    Myriam Tapp – La Sierra 6
    Frank Willett – Pitcher 5
    Jane Gordon – Bone Exercise #3 5
    Kathryn Blackmun – Sea Monsters 5
    Phil Green – Vertigo 5
    Dean Schroeder – Water for the Fields 4
    Gloria Gilmore-House – A Splash of Shino 4
    Kris Thacher Seed for the River of Peace 3
    Mario Quilles – Very Early Ocean Shell #2 3
    Eileen Gorman – Deliquesce 2
    Kathryn Blackmun – Skeleton Bride 2
    Lillian Turner-Gracie – Curtis-Gremlin God 2
    Tomas Wolff – Oasis in the Desert 2
    Barbara Campbell – Fantasma de Aguas 0

  5. The July 2014 COC show is dramatically varied in content and beautifully displayed at Ghost Ranch Museum. I’m sure Ghost Ranch visitors will enjoy it and I hope many NMPCA members will be able to see the exhibition.

  6. Our 2014 Celebration of Clay will be held at Ghost Ranch in the Anthropology Museum. This is the same location as the show in 2012, and we are happy to return to exhibit at Ghost Ranch. The show will be held during the month of July. The annual Celebration of Clay is an exhibit and sale that showcases the work of the members of the New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists. We are a group of over 100 people interested in all manifestations of clay art…pottery, outdoor installations, sculpture, decorative ceramic art, mixed media with clay. Including functional, decorative, fine wall art, sculpture…the range of expression among members is a constant source of interest and it is exciting for us and our followers to see what members come up with for each Celebration of Clay show.

  7. Comment about the 2013 Celebration of Clay show in Albuquerque at ABQ Arts Gallery: I am amazed at the variety and quality of the pieces in the exhibit! It is a delightful experience to walk through the show and spend time studying the stories presented in the art. Being a wall artist, I love to see clay being used in such a broad range–content, function, form…wow!

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