Cheryl Hoaglund

Title:  Canyonscape

Size:  12″h x 6″w x 5″d

Light and Shadow:

Around and between the canyon cliffs we find the play of light and shadow as the sun or moon moves across the sky. The images cast by these canyon formations change dramatically with the passage of time, particularly interior spaces. With shifting time, we are not sure if we are indeed looking at the same rock formations.

Price:  $80


Any day I can work with clay is a good day! Pots in the home have a special place as we interact with them daily. Our food memories are some of the strongest memories in life and special cups, plates, bowls, teapots and covered jars enhance those memories. I continue to experiment with new materials and techniques in a quest to keep my work lively and well-crafted.

In recent work, I have been exploring the esthetics of the Art Nouveau period with its emphasis on geometric, repetitive and stylized lines. The architecture of that period, both outside and inside buildings is something I find refreshingly clean and pleasing. Fired in a soda kiln, the flames are able to play around the outside surfaces of these thrown and faceted pots to give a variety of patterns, colors and highlights.

Cheryl Hoaglund

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