Charlotte Ownby 1

Title:  Decorations from the Past: Motifs & Petroglyphs #1

Size:  8.5″h x  3.5″w x 3.5″d

Price:  $150

Description:  Inspired by traditional decorations of Puebloan potters

Gallery Location:  David Anthony Fine Arts

Charlotte Ownby

Four Galleries in Taos display work for the 2018 Celebration of Clay exhibition

Copper Moon Gallery   |   David Anthony Fine Arts   |   Total Arts Gallery   |   Wilder / Nightingale Fine Art


  1. Charlotte Ownby has been one of my
    Art Students for 4+ years at my Studio
    In Chama NM , 395 Terrace Avenue, across
    From the Cumbres Toltec RR. Charlotte studies
    Realistic drawing and watercolor painting each
    Summer and applies all of her work to an
    Incorporation into her amazing works of clay!
    I enjoy her and appreciate her beautiful works!
    Artist/ Teacher

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