Anna Bush Crews – 2

Title: impression 2 

Size: 2.5 x 9 x 3 “

Price:  $ 250

Description: Fiber clay, mold formed and hand shaped, terra sigillata, raku fired, waxed.

Statement: These forms came about intuitively; the hands molded what initially came out of a mold. Surface treatment with terra sigillata and raku firing produce the color variations, never predictable, and bring out the texture of marks from the mold and hand work in the shaping. These are from a group of 8 pieces. Natural forms intrigue me, the husk, shell, pod, gourd, in their twisting and turning as they change shape over time; first young then mature and then a mere skin, always transitioning through time into another form. The organic forms that inspired these impressions tend to be symmetrical. Impressions are not symmetrical although they seek balance. They will sit on a surface in different positions revealing the other side. They hold things in and free them from the enclosed space through openings. 

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